A couple of days in Krakov

Krakov is effortless old medieval beauty with its Wawel Royal Castle, Wawel Cathedral and fabulous Old Town stretching out from Europe’s largest medieval town square, and a must for a visit to Poland.  I won’t write a detailed review as I was there for lash / partying, but some high level tips:

#1 Must visits are the Castle and Cathedral, but the highlight is wandering around the Old Town, which is one of the largest and prettiest in Europe

#2 Visiting in December was nice but obviously very cold and you tend to have the greyer weather.  Summer, with the outdoor vibe and blue skies would be better

#3 Partying / lash is very strong in Krakov because of the huge number of students and the general rise in affluence of Poland.  Be sure to hit some of the Old Town bars on your visit

#4 Try the Hot beer or “grzane piwo” which is popular in Krakov.  Bit of an acquired taste, but . . . when in Rome

#5 I wish I’d taken the time for the sombre visit to Aushwitz (one hour drive from Krakov) and the supposed to be magnificent salt mines of Wieliczka (20mins drive from Krakov)