Ultimate relaxing in Spring Bay on Bequia Island

If you’re looking for that perfect Caribbean Tropical Island experience, Spring Island on Bequia in the Grenadines must come very close to the dream place you have in mind.  To quote the Lonely Planet for the Grenadines: “an island chain in the heart of the Caribbean, uncluttered by tourist exploitation, with white-sand beaches on desert islands, sky-blue water gently lapping shores and barely a sole around”; then for Bequia: “the most most perfect island in the whole Grenadines”; and then for Spring Bay: “on a quiet island, this is the quiet end” you get the idea


Its a fantastic experience exploring the island either by car / foot, or taking a boat around the island to check out some of the hidden beaches, which your hotel can easily arrange for you


To further deepen the perfect tropical beach vibe, I’d really recommend staying at The Sugar Reef Boutique Hotel.  Half the rooms are on the beach surrounded by the palm trees and not needing aircon with the gorgeous sea breeze, and half up the hillside in the beautiful French House showing off stunning views of the bay and Baliceaux and Battowia Islands.  Even if you don’t stay here, you can enjoy the superb Sugar Reef Cafe by the beach, sitting under the tall ceilings complete with driftwood chandeliers.  Wonderful hotel . . . wonderful beach . . . wonderful island