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A bit of a longer explanation on the point of the site . . .

When you look back on your travel experiences, you’ll naturally find there are many experiences in there that you enjoyed, but they didn’t necessarily stand out as something you would describe as unmissable . . . world class . . . your favourite ever experience.  The differentiating factors that split the “unmissable” from the “gash” can differ depending on the individual, but there are some factors that seem to be important to everyone

Things like how much fun you had – walking around a museum, a city park, or your 7th temple of the day can be super interesting, but rarely has the fun factor of an adrenaline sport, a concert or a booze up in a foreign setting.  Similarly, things like how quiet and unique the place was – we all prefer finding spots that are off the beaten track that give a far more unique experience to the super busy famous site nearby with its 17 Chinese tour groups competing in the megaphone olympics.  Or, at the simplest level, finding those places in the world that give you that genuine mouth open . . . “wow ” . . .  feeling that instantly makes the getting there, money and hassle all worth it

The purpose of this site is to try and inspire you for your next travel adventure, and to do so by taking into account all of these factors so that I can put a number on just how “unmissable” the trips around the world were for me

To do this, I’ve gone a bit geeky – I’ve put a number, a simple 1-10, on each aspect of a trip that I value.  In particular, that wow factor for nature / culture (1-10); the fun factor (1-10); the avoiding fellow tourists (1-10); and how unique / world famous the experience was (1-10).  That way, rather than the typical assessment of a trip which is usually “amazing” or “terrible”, there’s a number and a bit of a ranking for them

It’s worth also just being clear that I’m not trying to write a detailed guide of the places I’ve visited – the Lonely Planet can do that far better than me.  Instead, it’s supposed to be a reflection of the experience I had there.  There are many places I experienced where maybe (likely) I didn’t chose the right way to see them, and so you may feel I’ve scored them appallingly low.  Similarly, there may well be places I’ve rated which, in your view, are rated ludicrously high.  Either way, I’ve tried to be fair and to explain why I enjoyed / loathed them and always provide tips for how I think you can get the most out of your time there

If I can inspire you to go and visit some of the fantastic experiences in this site and, I dare to hope and would be delighted if so, you took some of the tips to allow you to have a better time when there, then the work put into this site will have been entirely worth it


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