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Top 10 Road Trips

Number Name Country Most Relevent Experience Entry Length Of Time Cost(US$) Nature The wow factor for nature - does it show nature at its best? Doesn't need to be the wilder-beast migration or diving with hundreds of hammerheads. Rather make you pause as you realise just how awesome the natural world can be CaltureHow much does this experience showcase some of the better and finer things that us humans can offer? Sure, it can be ancient ruins and renaissance churches, but it can also be festivals or soaking up some of the great modern cities of the world Fun FactorVery simple - was it fun? This is usually linked in with doing some kind of activity - i mean, walking along some cliffs is nice, but paragliding from them, now that is fun. Its a vastly underrated factor in a truly great experience Avoid CrowdsBig tour groups and being surrounded by loud fellow tourists can sap the life out of even the greatest of travel experiences. This score is to reflect just how much you can avoid this. But. . . The score also takes into account if the crowds actually add to the experience, such as with a party town or a bustling food market World FamousHow world famous is the experience? UniqueHow hard is it to have a similar experience in other places round the world? Overall Score The highest score of nature or culture, + fun factor, + avoid the crowds, + the highest score of world famous or unique. Then turned into a score out of 100. More details at the bottom of the page Tags More Tags
1Western US StatesUSARapid 2 week roadtrip around the US West Coast States2-4 weeks1,8001067710985AdventureBeach promenadeBeachesBig cityBreweriesBridgesBustling restaurantsCampervanningCanyonsCasinosCelebrity SpottingCliffsCool neighbourhoodsDamDesertDrivingForestsHikingIsolationLakesLive sportMarketMountainsPartying / LashRed desertsRock archesSnowStadiumsSunsetsTheme ParkUNESCO world heritage siteWaterfallsWildlife - BisonWildlife - WolvesWonder of the World - Engineering / IndustrialWonder of the World - Natural
2South Island of New ZealandNew Zealand10 days campervanning around the South Island of New Zealand1-2 weeks1,800103967780Adrenaline rushAdventureBeachesBoat tripBridgesBungy jumpingCable carsCampervanningCliffsDrivingFjordsForestsGlacial lakesGlaciersHelicopterHikingKayakingLakesMirror LakesMountainsParaglidingPartying / LashSkiing / SnowboardingSnowWildlife - DolphinsWildlife - Penguins
3GuatemalaGuatemalaItinerary for 10 wonderful days in GuatemalaAround a week1,20099866877Adrenaline rushAdventureAncient ruinsBird spottingChristian siteDrivingFabulous hotelFerryHelicopterHikingHilltop townsIsolationJungleLakesLocal villagesMarketMayanMountainsOld townRiver swimmingScuba divingSwimmingTemple complexUNESCO world heritage siteVolcanic LakeVolcanoesWildlife - Monkeys
4East Coast of QueenslandAustraliaRoadtrip up the Queensland Coast in winter2-4 weeks2,000827777724WDAdrenaline rushAdventureBeachesBoat tripCampingDrivingFerryForestsIslandsJungleLakesPartying / LashSailingScuba divingSnorkelingSwimmingUNESCO world heritage siteWaterfalls
5West Coast ScotlandUKDriving down the West Coast of Scotland – Glencoe, Oban, Skye and the Harry Potter Bridge3-4 days40097777877Castles / FortressesCliffsDistilleriesDrivingForestsHikingIslandsLakesLocal villagesMountainsWaterfalls
6The AlpsAndorra / France / Germany / Italy / Liechtenstein / Luxembourg / Monaco / Switzerland3 week European roadtrip for mountains and wine2-4 weeks3,00099889785Ancient ruinsBeachesBorder crossingBridgesBustling restaurantsCable carsCasinosCastles / FortressesChristian siteCliffsDamDrivingFerryForestsGardensGlacial lakesGlaciersHikingHilltop townsLakesLocal villagesMarketMountainsOld townRomansSunsetsSwimmingThermal BathsUNESCO world heritage siteVineyardsWine
7Through the Oz Red CentreAustraliaDriving through the Australia’s red centre from Adelaide to DarwinAround a week80074698977AdventureCampingDrivingHikingIsolationRock archesSunriseSunsetsUNESCO world heritage siteVineyardsWildlife - CrocodilesWildlife - EaglesWine
8Victoria Falls to NairobiKenya / Malawi / Tanzania / Zambia / Zimbabwe3 week overland trip camping from Victoria Falls to Nairobi2-4 weeks2,500967898824WDAdventureBeachesBird spottingBoat tripBorder crossingCampingCliffsDrivingFabulous hotelFerryForestsHikingHilltop townsIslandsIsolationJungleLakesLocal villagesSafariSnorkelingSwimmingUNESCO world heritage siteWildlife - CrocodilesWildlife - DolphinsWildlife - ElephantsWildlife - LeopardsWildlife - LionsWildlife - MonkeysWildlife - RhinosWildlife - TortoisesWonder of the World - Natural
9White towns of interior AndaluciaSpainDriving through the White Towns of Parque Natural Sierra Grazalema1-2 days15088783877BridgesCavesChristian siteDrivingForestsHikingHilltop townsLakesLocal villagesMountainsOld townStadiumsWildlife - Eagles
10Jordan - North to SouthIsrael / JordanA supercharged week seeing the highlights of Israel and JordanAround a week1,30099951010824WDAdventureAncient ruinsBeachesBedouinBig cityBorder crossingCavesChristian siteCity WallsCliffsDesertDrivingHikingIslamic siteJewish siteMountainsOld townPartying / LashRed desertsRock archesRomansSand duneStargazingSunriseSunsetsSwimmingTemple complexUNESCO world heritage siteUnusual hotelWonder of the World