Action Overall Score / 40 Overall Score / 100 Total number of entries % of grand total Text #1 Text #2 Ranking Value Colour of icon on map
0000.0%Bottom 10%Gash373White
1200.0%Bottom 10%Gash373White
2500.0%Bottom 10%Gash373White
3700.0%Bottom 10%Gash373White
41000.0%Bottom 10%Gash373White
51210.3%Bottom 10%Gash372White
61500.0%Bottom 10%Gash372White
71710.3%Bottom 10%Gash371White
82020.5%Bottom 10%Gash369White
92230.8%Bottom 10%Gash366White
102530.8%Bottom 10%Gash363White
112741.1%Bottom 10%Gash359White
123061.6%Bottom 10%Gash353White
133220.5%Bottom 10%Gash351White
143541.1%Bottom 10%Gash347White
153751.3%Bottom 10%Gash342White
164030.8%Bottom 10%Gash339White
1742102.7%Bottom 10%Gash329White
184571.9%Bottom 20%Ok if passing through322Yellow 1
1947113%Bottom 20%Ok if passing through311Yellow 1
2050154%Bottom 20%Ok if passing through296Yellow 2
2152133.5%Top 80%Worth doing283Yellow 2
2255123.2%Top 80%Worth doing271Yellow 3
2357277.3%Top 70%Worth doing244Yellow 3
2460205.4%Top 70%Worth doing224Orange 1
2562256.7%Top 60%Great experience199Orange 1
2665225.9%Top 50%Great Experience177Orange 2
2767256.7%Top 40%Superb152Orange 2
2870297.8%Top 40%Superb123Orange 3
2972195.1%Top 30%Superb104Orange 3
3075246.5%Top 30%Superb80Orange 3
3177256.7%Top 20%World Class55Red 1
3280133.5%Top 20%World Class42Red 2
3382195.1%Top 10%Unmissable23Red 2
348571.9%Top 5%Unmissable16Red 3
3587102.7%Top 5%Unmissable6Red 3
369010.3%Top 1%The best of the best5Dark red
379220.5%Top 1%The best of the best3Dark red
389500.0%Top 1%The best of the best3Dark red
399710.3%Top 1%The best of the best2Dark red
4010010.3%Top 1%The best of the best1Dark red