A weekend in Okinawa for Naha and the Aquarium

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Okinawa offers a very different style to the rest of Japan.  Yes you still have the politeness, cleanliness and things, well, just working.  But its all within the backdrop of semi-tropical trees and a culture quite different to that of mainland as the Okinawa island chain used to be the former Ryukyu Empire and only joined Japan in the 1870s


Not many places in the world have that developed vibe in the tropics, so it’s definitely worth a trip, especially if living in this part of the world and fancy a weekend away.  Worth also picking up a few of the local’s habits – Okinawans are some of the longest living people in the world!


#1 The world-class Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, which has the world's largest aquarium tank, including Whale Sharks and Manta Rays.  Grounds are also well worth the visit

#2 Having a few of the Orion Beers - it may just be the setting, but they are surprisingly so much better than out the can!

#3 As you'd expect in Japan, the food is outstanding and the Okinawan cuisine offers an additional twist to the usual dishes

#4 Wandering around the slightly odd shopping arcade areas of central Naha. Touristy but worth it for the randomness

EXTRA - taking the 2 hour ferry for 2 days on the nearby island paradise of Zamami Jima. If you thought Okinawa was laid back, Zamami takes it to another level

Travel Tips

  • #1 Tip – make sure to make the trip up to the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, which has the world’s largest aquarium tank, including Whale Sharks and Manta Rays.  The grounds around the aquarium are also beautiful, so its worth the 2 hour bus trip there


  • #2 Tip – try to give yourself 2 days for a trip over to the nearby Zamami Jima and Aka Jima.  They feel a world away from Naha, with white sand beaches, sea turtles and an extremely peaceful and underdeveloped atmosphere.  Definitely worth the 2 hour ferry trip – to the degree that I would actually recommend, if you only have a weekend, spending it in these islands.  For more details and tips on the trip, see this specific travel entry – Zamami Jima and Aka Jima, from Okinawa


  • #3 The food – as with so many things in Japan, the secret is often just to relax in the ever so softly done surroundings and focus on the wonderful food.  Naha is no exception, and has the extra benefit of having a different cuisine to the main islands.  Make sure to try the various pork dishes (Okinawan pork is prized across Japan), the widely available Okinawa-soba of thick udon noodles served in a pork broth and, slightly bizarrely, the horsemeat sushi (which they are also more than happy to let you blow torch!)


  • #4 Visit the Kokusai Food Street Village – right in the centre and slightly tucked away it is a series of very small restaurants (4-10 seats each) that are super cute and a good place to get started


  • #5 Make sure to try the freshly served Orion beer – my personal favourite!  Whilst the cans are exported around the world, the draft with the special foamy head is so much better and can be found just about everywhere in Okinawa.  Watch out for the Okinawan Sake though, it is seriously horrible stuff


  • #6 Nightlife – with the tourist vibe and the nearby US military bases, the nightlife in Naha is superb (I had one the heaviest nights of my life in Okinawa . . . woke up in Zamami Jima . . . can confirm its capabilities!).  Start your night off with some food in the many restaurants along Kokusai-dori (the main road in the centre of the city) and then make your way to the various bars around Wakasa Odori


  • #7 Accommodation – you want to stay somewhere on or near Kokusai-dori, just for ease of getting around both in Naha and to make trips to the aquarium / nearby islands.   We stayed at the Hotel Palm Royal, which although nothing special, was fine and had a good central location

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