Driving down the West Coast of Scotland – Glencoe, Oban, Skye and the Harry Potter Bridge

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The west coast of Scotland is stunning – right up there with the likes of the fjords of Patagonian, Alaska, New Zealand and Norway . . . and with the added advantage of castles and whiskey.  As an Englishman, I’d travelled far and wide to see great sites around the world and didn’t realise that one of the most impressive was, comparatively, on my doorstep.  Stunning and one of the highlights of the UK


There are various routes to take, but I suggest the driving route from Oban and up to the Isle of Skye.  Plenty of highlights to keep you busy for 3-4 days


Top tip #1 – you must drive.  Whilst you could I suppose make your way by public transport, you would miss out on the real highlight which is being able to stop for 5mins in the various stops along the coast to gorp at the magnificent views, and it would take you overall just a lot longer as public transport in these parts is quite limited.  The driving is very much part of this experience

Top tip #2 – even if you don’t like whiskey, the learning about how it is made, the history and the different tastes to look out for in each dram is a very Scottish, and very much fun experience.  The distilleries of Talisker and Oban are some of the most famous is Scotland and give you that great taste of the art that is whiskey making

Top tip #3 – you can do this trip all year round.  I’ve visited 3 times in winter and found the atmosphere at this time or year, with the far fewer tourists, magical.  Of course, summer is also great as the hikes are more enjoyable


#1 Driving through the beautiful glens, lochs and mountains in the curvy roads that hug this western edge of the Scottish Coast

#2 The morning hike up to the spectacular rocky outcrop of the Old Man of Storr on the Isle of Skye

#3 The wonderfully set Eilean Castle, nestled by the entrance to Loch Long

#4 The Glenfinnan Viaduct aka the Harry Potter Bridge

#5 The sensation views out across the super long Loch Shiel by Glenfinnan

#6 Learning about the art of single malt whiskey making from the masters at the Talisker and Oban distilleries

#7 Kilt Rock and Mealt Falls that cascade sharply from the edge of the Isle Skye into the sea

#8 Taking one of the ferries across from the mainland to the Isle of Sky with its dramatic snow capped mountains in the distance

Rough itinerary

  • Day 1 – start off in the waterfront town of Oban to learn how they make the local whiskey at the wonderful Oban whiskey distillery.  Have an early lunch and then have the afternoon to drive the 1.5 hours along the coastline to see the beautifully set Castle Stalker sitting on its island in Loch Linnhe and Glencoe, Scotland’s most grad and famous glen.  Spend the evening near Fort William

OPTIONAL EXTRA – if a nice day, give yourself and extra day to climb (or take the chair lift) to the top of Ben Nevis, the UK’s tallest point at 1345m/4410ft

  • Day 2 – drive up to the spellbinding Glenfinnan viaduct, the inspiration and setting for the Harry Potter train ride, but also with sensational views across nearby Loch Shiel, and then on to the ferry port of Mallaig to take one of the regular car ferries over to Armadale on the Isle of Sky.  Spend the afternoon checking out the highlights of central and western Skye – the Fairypools for their pretty emergence all the way along the valley; the Talisker Distillery, the only distillery on Skye; and Dunvegal Castle and the Neist Point Lighthouse in the far west.  Spend the evening in the super pretty town of Portree
  • Day 3 – start early for the 2 hour hike up to the spectacular rocky outcrop of the Old Man of Storr (famous site for, amongst other things, the start of the movie Prometheus) and to drive to see the Kilt Rock and Mealt Falls that cascade sharply from the edge of Skye into the sea.  Have lunch in Staffin and then head away from the island of Skye to leave via the Skye bridge and finish at the wonderful setting of Eilean Castle that is at the entrance to Loch Long
  • Total driving time 6 hours 45mins, 380km / 236miles 

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