Fairytale views by Lake Bled

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Wow it really is as picture-perfect as you’ve been led to believe! All the ingredients of a fairy tale:

– small church perched perfectly on a small island ✅

– sitting in the middle of crystal clear water with only the light lapping of town boats ✅

– castle nearby hanging over a precarious ledge to the water ✅

– backdrop of the Julian Alps ✅

An Instagrammer’s dream!

The 6km / 3.7mile run around the lake, the swim over the island and the variety of other outdoor options nearby make this a great experience
Make sure to stay for 1 or 2 nights (as opposed to a day trip) so you can soak up the magical feeling of the place


#1 Running or walking around the flat path of the picture-perfect lake and it’s gorgeous setting

#2 Swimming or taking a rowing boat over to Bled Island to have a mini explore of the church and small buildings

#3 Taking in Bled Island views from one of the many higher up viewing platforms, in this case from Ojstrice

#4 Staying for the night or just exploring in the day the grounds of Vila Bled with its fascinating history and great spots for food overlooking the Lake

#5 Enjoying the local cake with a view! From Cafeteria Belvedere

Travel Tips

  • Bled Island – you can easily make your way to Bled Island itself either through rowing, taking a gondola, paddle-board or swimming (note that the lake doesn’t allow any motor boats, which I thought was a great rule).  The Church actually does a service, complete with hymns which really adds to the atmosphere, at different times of the day. It’s worth asking when the next one is and arranging for your rowing boat / gondola over there if that’s what you’re keen for, but just be aware of a couple of things: firstly, the island is busier at this time and maybe visiting with fewer fellow tourists is what you’re after; secondly, if swimming over, they won’t let you in just wearing your swimming gear as I found out!
  • For swimming over – you can do so from anywhere, but it makes sense to start off from one of the spots closest to the stairs on either side of the island (just down from Vila Bled is the best spot). Mild thermal springs make the lake less chilly than would be expected, but still brace yourself!
  • The walk / run around the lake was the highlight for me – so many spots to stop and stare at the views from the parks, cliffs, beaches and only 6km / 3.7miles felt like the prefect distance.  My main recommendations for stopping spots are 1. – The Cafeteria Belvedere just next to Vila Bled for super views of the island from a very unusual platform cafe and chance to have some cake with the view; 2. Climb around 20mins to Ojstrice for the picture perfect famous view of the lake – it’s at the far west of the lake and well signposted.  Quite steep at times, but worth it
  • Where to stay – I stayed at Vila Bled and would highly recommend it.  It’s location at the west of the lake is perfect for views of Bled Island and feels separate from the main town, but it’s actually the history of the place that is is its highlight.  The oldest Villa in Bled, it was the summer residence of the Yugoslavian royal family and, later, Tito. The grounds are stunning and some of the wall painting take you back to the days of the former communist state.  That being said, I think anywhere on the lake would be great.  After all you’ll most likely spend most of the day outside
  • Getting there from Ljubljana is relatively straightforward – although be aware that the closest train station is actually Lesce which is a 7-8min taxi to Bled

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