Joining the Sikhs for their pilgrimage to Amritsar’s Golden Temple

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The golden temple itself, and the complex it forms part of, is impressive – gleaming marble paths, the exotic architecture of the surrounding buildings, and with the golden temple of 750kg gold sitting in the middle of a central lake.  But it is the overall experience of being so openly welcomed and very much part of this most sacred pilgrimage for thousands of Sikhs as you wash, eat and move en masse through their holiest site that makes this such a unique and unmissable experience


It’s very simple to join in. Simply rock up any time, no entrance fee, just take off your shoes and socks, wash your feet and borrow a head scarf that they provide. Then follow the crowds – they even feed you!


Whilst there isn’t that much else to see in Amritsar, and the Golden Temple is very much the highlight in this part of India, the nearby border crossing with Pakistan offers a very unusual display of transborder pomp as the two sides send in their tallest, most curly moustached soldiers to goose step at each other as they slowly lower their flags before the border closes . . . yes, super random.  Easy to get there – just get a taxi for the Attari-Wagah border and try to get their an hour before the start to get into the grandstand (yes, they have a grandstand).  Ceremony starts 530pm except for 430pm in winter


#1 Being so warmly welcomed into the crowds of pilgrims making their way to Sikhism's holiest site

#2 Seeing the Golden Temple itself in its stunning setting

#3 The bizarre border closing ceremony at Attari-Wagah - huge plooms, twisted tashes and lots of shouting. Unmissable if in the area

#4 Observing the various washing ceremonies as pilgrims prepare for their visit to the Golden Temple

#5 Chilling out with some of the very friendly locals . . . with swords

#6 Being fed! Nothing better than a bunch of curries on a metal tray

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