Soaking up the views and the rum near the Gros Pitons of St Lucia

Many of the Caribbean Islands are much of a tropical paradise muchness – white sand beaches ✅ , tropical temperatures ✅ , clear waters ✅ , laid back attitude ✅  . . . they all offer this just to different degrees.  I’d put Saint Lucia a bit down the pile when it comes to the perfect desert island as its an extremely strong field in the Caribbean (The Grenadines for example win in this category), but Saint Lucia offers a key trump card that make it a bit special – the wonderfully photogenic, and UNESCO World Heritage listed, Pitons.  Breaking almost vertically out of the water to 2600ft / 800m, these dramatic mini mountains provide what must be the most stunning stretch of beach in the whole Caribbean.  Its extra trump card is the heap of heritage estates across the island that provide exploring opportunities to see the gorgeous fruits they now grow and, importantly, rum tasting!


Want picture-perfect desert islands – go for the Grenadines (and my tip is Bequia Island – see Ultimate relaxing in Spring Bay on Bequia Island).  Want dramatic views and rum tasting – go for Saint Lucia